HOUSTON Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, two men dressed as doctors rushed into a Baytown pharmacy to steal drugs and get away with thousands of pills.

It happened last Saturday in the middle of the afternoon at the GR Cure Pharmacy in the 1600 block of West Baker Street.

The pharmacy is in a plaza of medical offices and right across the street from a hospital.

That is one reason police say this was a highly planned crime.

The men were dressed in medical scrubs, surgical masks, latex gloves, hats and sunglasses.

On the inside there was no warning.

It is bold, said Lt. Eric Freed of the Baytown Police Department.

In the video you see the only customer quickly see something is wrong and escape out the side door, but the two employees are not so lucky.

They handcuffed one employee, ordered the other to lock the door, before they took a large amount of medications, mainly pain medication, anti-anxiety, and muscle relaxants, Freed said.

The men never showed a weapon and appeared to know exactly where to look for the drugs they wanted inside a single cabinet.

They ignored the open safe and just took the drugs.

The drugs are a combination known on the streets as the three amigos and are in high demand.

Freed said the investigation is ongoing.

Ten thousand units getting a couple dollars a pop, 100 percent profit. Quite a risk they took though, considering you are trading your freedom for something like that, he said.

The vehicle that was used in the crime turned out to be a stolen truck from Harris County. It has been recovered.

Anyone with information is asked to call Baytown Police Crimestoppers at 281-427-TIPS.

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