HOUSTON Several different squads from the Pasadena Police Department participated in a raid Tuesday night on Beverly Street near Spencer Highway.

Armed with a search warrant, the group,made their way to a mini warehouse and took over the building.

For more than a year, Pasadena detectives said they ve been investigating an illegal gambling operation at the location. It was called the Hideout Poker Room.

Five people who allegedly worked there were arrested immediately. Four of those were charged with engaging in organized crime.

As a result of the search warrant we are going to seize multiple pieces of gambling equipment as well as other items inside the business, said Pasadena Lt. James Holt.

Inside the illegal casino, KHOU 11 News saw exactly what Holt was talking about. The place was filled with poker tables, chips, and cards. It looked like a sports bar. There were football and baseball jerseys lining the walls. There was an ATM machine and a place for customers to charge their cell phones.

At the front, Pasadena police showed us where all the money and chips were kept. We also saw a surveillance monitor where employees could keep an eye on what was happening outside. The place had at least six cameras mounted on the warehouse. The front door was made of steel and was always locked. Customers had to ring a door bell to get the attention of those on the inside.

There were about 10 patrons inside the illegal business at the time of the bust, investigators said. All were interviewed by police and then were let go. Pasadena was set on arresting just the owners and the employees on this night, hoping to shut down the business for good.

I think it sends an important message to the community, to our citizens that we are diligently working to safeguard the lives of our citizens. It also sends a clear message to those who would try to bring this type of operation to our city. Pasadena is not going to tolerate it, Holt said.

More arrests were expected.

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