TEXAS CITY With its agreement to purchase BP s Texas City refinery, Marathon Petroleum is buying one of the most complex and troubled refineries in the country. It s also one that in the last decade has had a poor safety and environmental record.

That includes a 2005 explosion that killed 15 contract workers and injured about 200 other people.

Since the blast, BP has paid about $84 million in federal fines related to the fatal accident, including a $13 million settlement in July with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that resolved all but one claim stemming from the 2005 explosion.

OSHA and BP are still working through a dispute over standards used for pressure relief valves.

In November, BP agreed to pay the state of Texas $50 million for environmental violations, including illegal emissions from the 2005 incident as well as fines for a 40-day emissions event in 2010 that resulted in the release of 500,000 pounds of pollutants.

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