FRISCO A pair of masked suspects stole nine puppies from two Petland locations in Collin County overnight Monday.

Frisco manager Josh Nie said the two robbers smashed the store s front window with a hammer around midnight and put two bulldog puppies, one male one female, in a suitcase and fled.

Surveillance footage from the Plano store pictured two suspects who matched the others description pulling a similar job. They smashed the windows and used suitcases and a laundry basket to steal seven puppies. The stores were hit a half hour apart.

Cages that held an English bulldog, a beagle, a dachshund and four other puppies are now empty.

The value of the dogs is probably over $5,000, said Lisa Abair, the manager of the Plano store. We're just very upset. I'm worried about them; these are like our babies here.

Frisco employees arrived after burglar alarm went off and tallied the puppies. Both store managers believe the culprits had been to the stores before because of how fast they went in and located the puppies.

It's very scary, said Abair. And my children said that, not the puppies.

The stolen animals are all under four-months-old. Nie said he s concerned for the puppies well-being because of their age.The stolen bulldogs are pictured here.

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