HOUSTON A man who thought he had just been set up dumped his cash on the road during a police chase in north Houston early Friday, according to Houston police.

An HPD officer saw a man standing next to a car on Tidwell around midnight.The officer thought the activity looked suspicious so he decided to investigate.The officer attempted to pull the car over as it started to leave, but the driver refused to stop.The suspect led the officer on a chase east on Tidwell, then onto May and continuing to Anabel where he ran into a yard.

The suspect hopped out and attempted to flee on foot, but was quickly caught.

During the car chase, the suspect threw something out the window.Officers later recovered the bag, which had cash inside.

Officers asked the suspect why he threw out the cash.He told them he thought maybe the money was marked and part of a setup.

It wasn t.The officer was just at the right place at the right time.
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