HOUSTON--Another suspect has been arrested and charged in connection with an explosion that resulted from a meth cooking operation back in May.

Jason White, 32, has been charged with arson.

Lindsay Ann Grice, 25, and Thurman Lee Hall, 37, were in custodyin August for the same incident.

The three of them are accused of cooking methamphetamine in the 17800 block of Paddle Wheel on May 24 when White shook a Gatorade bottle filled with chemicals and it exploded in his hands.

The explosion caused a fire in the rental home and critically burned White on the face and hands.

Investigators said Grice and Hall rushed the injured man to the hospital, and then returned home to try and get rid of the evidence.

Grice and Hall were detained at the scene while White was treated at Northwest Medical Center.

White was arrested on Thursday on an unrelated scene.

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