HOUSTON Relatives of Norman Jean Scott made a horrifying discovery Wednesday when they returned to the scene where her body was found.

Family members say they were looking for closure when they strolled along the grassy area of Des Chaumes Street near Bay where Scott was found Monday.

Her relatives were shocked when they spotted two plastic bags containing what they described as bloody clothing and Scott's wig.

I looked in the first bag, it's my mom's clothes with, looked like could be blood, said Bridgette Scott, the victim's daughter. And then I called my sisters, I said 'look what I found here.' And I dig againand I find anotherbag and it hadher wig.

They say they also saw rope and Scott's ID insidethe bags.

Texas Equusearch located Scott'sbody Monday evening aftercombing through woods and vacant houses.

Shevanished on Thursday andneighbors said they saw Scott being dragged from her home, but police weren't notified rightaway.

The 48-year-old grandmother's body was found about a half-mile from her home and directly across the street from her boyfriend s house.

The boyfriend has been arrested on an unrelated charge, but he has not been named as a suspect in her death.

HPDconfirmed that they are now investigating the discovery of property found in the area.

The departmentreleased the following statement Wednesday afternoon: We share the family s concerns of finding the truth of what happened to Mrs. Scott and whether foul play was involved in her death. On Monday, our Crime Scene Units recovered some evidence in the field, in the vicinity of where Mrs. Scott was located and we are processing that evidence to determine if it is related to her case. During the search of the field on Monday, no other items were located.

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