HOUSTON Doctors say a Houston woman who was critically injured during a recent shooting rampage near the Texas A&M campus is improving.

The shootout started when a Brazos County constable served an eviction notice to 35-year-old Thomas Caffall at a home at the corner of Fidelity and Highland.

Barbara Holdsworth, 51, was an innocent passerby in the wrong place, at the wrong time. She had come from Houston to help her daughter move into a sorority house and was driving by in a blue SUV. She was shot twice.

When she arrived at the hospital, both of her lungs were collapsed. Doctors said the first bullet split in half and went on either side of her heart, remarkably without damaging it.

She was unstable. Bleeding, and in extreme danger, said Dr. Adair DeBerry-Carlisle, with St. Joseph Trauma Services. The other bullet entered her right shoulder and exited her left shoulder. Crossed her back and broke multiple bones along her spine, and multiple ribs, but did not violate her spinal cord. So she is amazingly blessed.

Doctors said Holdsworth is in stable condition at St. Joseph s Regional Hospital. She is reportedly alert, talking and even walking around.

It s been really tough on her friends. But we ve done this together and it is nothing short of the most incredible type of praying people you have ever seen, said Andrea Jones.

The family attributes Holdsworth s survival to the skill of the trauma surgeons at the hospital, who said they were the only doctors on the case.

They say there are so many different doctors that contributed to this success, but apparently Dr. Pepper helped, because she had a little bit of that, the doctor laughed.

That was her first request after her feeding tube was removed.

Doctors said they re still addressing her injuries and taking the case one day at a time, but they re cautiously optimistic about a full recovery.

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