HOUSTON Nine people have died from the West Nile virus in Dallas County, and one person has died from the virus in Harris County. Now many people are preparing for the worse.

Health officials are trying everything to get rid of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus in the Dallas area. The problem is so bad that it has been declared an epidemic.

It s scary, said Jenny McNeil. Who was in Houston heading for Dallas. I get mosquito bites all the time.

Houstonians headed to North Texas are concerned.

Garry Brydges said he ll be sure to wear repellant. Brydges was flying to Dallas Friday afternoon.

In Houston mosquito control experts use traps to determine which mosquitoes carry the virus. They spray insecticide in areas where the virus is found.

While mosquitoes carrying the virus are under control, birds are another story. Many more have died from the disease this year, compared to last year.

That s a red flag for us, said Mosquito Control Director Rudy Bueno.

Fifty-nine birds have died this year and 13 died last year.

Mosquitoes get the virus from birds.

So far, West Nile has been kept in check in Harris County.

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