HOUSTON It appears taxpayers won t get to vote on the future of the decaying Astrodome in 2012, despite a costly study that offered some options.

County officials on Tuesday had their last meeting before the Aug. 20 ballot deadline with no mention of the Astrodome vote. If the deadline passes, then the vote will have to take place next year.

Earlier in the year, KHOU 11 News was the first television station to take a tour of the Astrodome.

The interior was covered in dust and debris, and some parts of the structure had fallen off. At a later media tour, those who went inside had to sign a waiver of liability, due to the hazardous conditions.

Even in its current condition, the former home of the Astros and Oilers costs the county $3 million a year.

Public officials commissioned a $500,000 study to come up with options for the future of the aging Astrodome, and said the public would get to vote on the options on the November ballot.

One proposal was to renovate the dome at a cost of $270 million. Another proposal, however, called for the dome to be torn down and cleared away at a cost of $64 million.

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