HOUSTON The daily walk for the Whites now requires a detour through the lower lying section of their neighborhood near Cypresswood and Jones road near Cypress Creek.

Dana White says now it is a walk with purpose.

Mainly we want to see how far it has receded and what the effect of this is on it, said White.

By this, she means the extra inch or so of hard rain that came around noon on Sunday.

We are just concerned that [the rain] has nowhere to go, Dana White says.

They are not alone. All along the Cypress Creek and Spring Creek watersheds people are doing the same thing.

Several measuring stations have seen record flooding, far beyond anything not brought on by a tropical system.

The water that just overwhelmed the drainage systems here and got way to close,

We were talking about what we were going to take out of the house first, Will White says. Our real concern is when it sits upstream of us like it did. The creek just rises and we get a little bit and there is nowhere for it to go.

The storm drains had a couple feet of room Sunday afternoon, but that is not normal. Normal is free flowing to the creek.

If it drizzles the creek can work it off. If we get ten inches in a week again, it won t even have to be that much. It won t be good, says Will White.

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