HARRIS COUNTY The Cypress Creek Fire Department rescued about three dozen people from a neighborhood surrounded by floodwaters Friday.

Two to three feet of water poured into homes in the Norchester subdivision near Cypress Creek and Jones Road overnight.

Firefighters used boats and high-profile vehicles to help anyone who wanted to evacuate, including families with small children and elderly residents.

They also rescued a few pets.

Other families used canoes and kayaks to get out.

Somechose to stay behind.

The Pearson family has a small recording studio with electronics that they put on tables to keep dry. Will Pearson and his sons are staying at the house to protect their valuables.

Right now, my mom and my little sister got taken by the fire department to my mom s friend s house, Nicholas Pearson said. They re going to stay there for awhile. Me, my dad and brother keep this organized as much as we can. There s water everywhere.

Will Pearson said they just spent a small fortune sodding the yard and planting a garden. Now it s all ruined by the water.

First time that my family has ever been through anything like this. It s horrible. It s devastating, said Will Pearson.

The water level at Cypress Creek and Jones Road is higher than it was during Tropical Storm Allison, according to the Cypress Creek fire chief.

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