HOUSTON A high school senior is a successful young entrepreneur with his own fireworks stand in Montgomery County.

This is Johnathan Dobyns second year doing the fireworks business. Prior to this business Dobyns had a vending machine business. Dobyns father handles all the legal matters for the business.

Dobyns said he grosses $6,000 to $8,000 a year. Half of that goes to paying staff and the rest he said he uses to reinvest in the business and save for college. His business philosophy is simple.

If you treat people right. They ll treat you right. I had to read Dale Carnagie s How to Win Friends and Influence people. It s a good philosophy, not just in business, but in life, he said.

And Dobyns says a good businessman has to be willing to adapt, which explains his roadside Elvis routine, which is designed to lure customers. It seems business is a little off this year because the Fourth of July doesn t fall on a weekend.

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