HOUSTON A Houston Public Works employee was killed Thursday after he was run over by a heavy equipment truck that he was operating just outside of downtown Houston.

The incident happened at about 2:30 two equipment workers were conducting maintenance on sewer lines on Gray Street and Crawford Street.

We had a two-man crew, one man who was operating the truck outside the vehicle, and another man down the street, and they were trying to flush lines out, said Lt. Kenneth Campbell with the Houston Police Department.

Lisett Tobias said she witnessed the accident.

A man who was working on one of the poles here, and he parked his utility truck and he didn t park it correctly put it in park all the way and so when he went in front of it, he was trying to, he was going around it, and he tripped and fell, and the truck ran over him, she said.

The worker s body was lying on the sidewalk and was practically underneath the driver s side wheel of the truck.

The medical examiner s office came to pick up the man s body around 5 p.m.

He was later identified as Charles Williams Sr., 75.

Mr. Williams is remembered as a valued and highly respected veteran member of the Public Works and Engineering Department and will be greatly missed by his fellow coworkers and colleagues, Houston Public Works spokesman Alvin Wright wrote in an e-mail Thursday night.

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