HOUSTON People across the country have expressed their support for the Willis honor student sent to jail Wednesday night for missing too much school.

Diane Tran is often exhausted because she works a full time job, a part time job, and takes honors classes at Willis High. She is trying to support a brother in college and a little sister who lives with relatives. Her parents divorced and moved away.

Tran stood alone before Judge Lanny Moriarty Wednesday.

Now this girl s got a record, which could hamper her later in life, said KHOU viewer David Byrne of the Woodlands. My immediate reaction was there s something wrong here, so that s when I got in touch with you guys.

Judge Moriarty is off on Fridays so he has not made a decision as to whether he will throw the case out.

I hadn t thought on that issue because it turns me, Well, he s soft. He s not gonna do nothing. I m taking off at 11:30 today, said the judge.

Tran says her future could be greatly hampered. She may want to be a doctor some day.

Many people expressed their outrage on Facebook.

Don t you feel safer now that an honors student has been thrown in jail? This is ridiculous, wrote Bill Palmer.

Some comments have been critical of Tran s parents and now her friends say she feels she has shamed her parents.

Tran lives with the family of her part-time employer. They are working on setting up a fund in her name at a local bank.

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