HOUSTON A former Saks Fifth Avenue employee has been accused of committing credit card fraud in order to earn extra commission on unauthorized purchases.

Juan Soler, 48, has been charged with credit card abuse, a felony.

Soler and his accomplice Johnson Anene used credit cards opened under victims names to charge purchases at Saks, according to police. These Bank of America credit cards were allegedly used to spend $2,395.04 on September 30 and October 8 and $1,520.92 on October 3. Another purchase for $1,009.97 was made on December 3.

A hidden camera had been set up over Soler s cash register in the shoe department by the Saks Asset Protection team. Surveillance recordings allegedly show that Anene would stand with Soler at his register and use credit cards under other names to make purchases.

Soler would either manually bypass computer prompts asking to save account information or save the information under the false name Mr. J, according to investigators.

Soler is accused of having gained a total of $1,829.67 in commission on the sales by accepting the fraudulent credit cards.

Investigators interviewed Soler and he allegedly admitted to knowing the credit cards did not belong to a Mr. J and were in the names of others.

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