HOUSTON, Texas A Pearland couple gave usour first peek at their sextuplets Wednesday.

Lauren and David Perkins released the first pictures of thethree boys and three girls who were born at Texas Children s Hospital just 10 days ago.

The couple admitted the experience has been a little overwhelming.

We are just an ordinary couple blessed with an extraordinary responsibility, said David Perkins.

We just joke that we re just normal, boring people, agreed Lauren Perkins. Why is everybody so interested in us? We just happened to have six babies.

The sextuplets were born 10 weeks premature and were delivered by a team of 35 doctors. The largestbaby weighed2 pounds, 15 ounces. The smallest just 1 pound, 10 ounces.

The babies are named: Andrew, Benjamin, Levi, Allison, Caroline and Leah. Five of them are breathing on their own. The smallest, Leah, remains on a ventilator after emergency surgery Monday. She is in critical condition,but doctors say she is improving.

We spend a lot of the time holding them, we have been able to hold five out of the six of them, said Lauren Perkins. The nurses are letting us practice changing diapers.

Friends of the Perkins family are already working to get their house ready for the sextuplets to come home.

We really just have faith that everything will work out and take it a day at a time because we have a long way to go before they re well enough to come home, said Lauren.

You have to appreciate the small victories and be patient with how they re developing and we ll be out before we know it, said David of the hope that the babies will be strong enough to leave the hospital by the end of June.

Doctors at TCH are looking forward to watching the babies progress through the years.

My hope is that five years from now some kindergarten teacher has a big handful of six kids to manage that are driving her crazy, said Charles Hankins, M.D. the neonatologist in charge of the sextuplet s care at Texas Children s Pavilion for Women.

In the meantime, the Perkins will lean on friends and family to help them care for their new little six-pack.

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