DALLAS - This Friday morning finds many Texans lining up to buy a shot at becoming the world's largest-ever lottery winner. Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot may reach nearly $600 million as sales continue at a fast pace.

Texans increase their chances of winning with every ticket purchased, but there's another winner, too - the State of Texas.

Since the very first lottery ticket was sold in Texas back in 1992, the state has pocketed $19 billion from the sale of lottery tickets.

For every dollar spent on a lottery ticket, 63 percent of the money goes towards prize pay-outs, 25 percent goes towards the Foundation School Fund, five percent goes to pay retailer commissions and another five percent to the lottery administration. The last two percent goes towards other state programs.

Texas has played Mega Millions for the last10 years.

So far, eight Texans have cashed in on the big jackpot. The most recent winner, from Katy, Texas, pocketed $144 million just two years ago.


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