HOUSTON There was a heartbreaking scene on the Gulf Freeway Wednesday. Two little boys, both toddlers, sat in the back of a Houston police car crying as they looked out the windows .

Their mother sat inside another police car with blood stains on her yellow shorts. Police say she was handcuffed because she stabbed a man inside a car as her two toddlers sat in the backseat.

The strange domestic quarrel unfolded late Wednesday morning inside a car speeding down the freeway.  The mother and a man riding in the passenger seat got into an argument. She allegedly pulled a knife and stabbed the man.

What happened next caused a traffic jam that stretched for miles and lasted for hours. The car headed northbound came to a stop just north of the Clear Lake City exit. The stabbing victim stumbled out in the road, collapsing on the pavement.

Police rolling up to the scene found blood stains splattered around the gear shift and the passenger side of the car. They also found a bloody knife underneath the driver s seat, as well as a crowbar sitting on the passenger s seat.

The motive isn t clear. In fact, many details about the strange incident remained undisclosed as police sorted out what happened.

Investigators haven t released the name of the victim. And it isn t clear whether he was related to the woman or children.

The boys, age 2 and 3, were taken into custody by Child Protective Services investigators. Authorities said they would probably end up in the care of their grandmother.

They re currently at the CPS office for evaluation by a doctor and to see if we can talk to them and see if we can find out about their home life and maybe what they may have witnessed, said Estella Olguin, a spokesperson for Harris County Child Protective Services.

Police said charges against the mother were still pending Wednesday afternoon.

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