HOUSTON A Houston family is raising serious questions about a woman who says her child was kidnapped eight years ago.

Joseph and Juanita Aguillard have five kids of their own, from age 7 to 18. But they are also raising Aboni Champion Morin s four children Destiny, 6; Fernando, 9; Mariah, 11; and Raghim, 13.

The Aguillards are the Morin kids legal guardians.

We kept them all together. We stayed together and God brought us through it, Joseph Aguillard said.

Morin is currently trying to get back custody of 8-year-old Miguel Morin, who was recently found in Lufkin with his godmother.

I want him to know that I miss him and I love him and I m gonna keep fighting no matter what, Morin said in a previous interview.

Here is the problem: Juanita Aguillard isn t so sure that Miguel was kidnapped at all, because of Morin s history with her kids.

The Aguillards said they took the first Morin children in when the oldest were 4 and 2, at Aboni Champion Morin s request. It was supposed to just be for a year.

She hadn t been calling, she hadn t seen them. She didn t know if we were being good to the kids. She didn t know what the status was, Juanita Aguillard said.

The one year turned into three years, and then Morin decided to take the kids back.

They didn t stay for a week before she called us back and said, We can t handle them. Can you come get them? We did that. They have been with us for eight years now, Juanita Aguillard said.

The Aguillards believe that even though DNA tests released Wednesday proved thatFernando Morin Sr. is the biological father of little Miguel, and tests are expected to confirm that Champion Morin is the mother, the boy should be living with his other siblings.

We will be more than glad to take him in and have him join his sisters and brothers, Juanita Aguillard said.

KHOU 11 News tried to reach Morin for this story, but she did not return our calls.

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