SAN ANTONIO -- Big flying bugs have overtaken the San Antonio area.You can see them especially at night.

They're like 'Jurassic Park' mosquitoes, said one park visitor. I'm creeped out by anything that flies.

Experts say there called crane flies, and they don t bite or sting.They re just attracted to light, and they're not a bad bug at all.

So, when you open your door at night, they'll probably get sucked into the house, says Bexar County entomologist Molly Keck.

Keck says these bugs areseasonal and should be gone in the next few weeks.

Shesays with a mild winter and wet weather, bugs are coming out in greater numbers - and earlier than usual.

They really indicate that spring is here.They re kind of like our Texas groundhog, says Keck.

The annoying bugs to look for are the usual mosquitoes and roaches.

They re a problem when it's dry cause they want to get in where it's moist. And they re a problem when it s wet because they re drowning in the soil, says Keck.

Bexar County says they spray in park areas, especially with creeks and woods nearby.

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