HOUSTON Police say they have arrestedthe man who was caught on camera squeezing through the doggie door of a Montrose homeearlier this month.

Steven Groucho Hicks, 29, was taken into custody Thursday and chargedwith burglary of a habitation.

A homeowner decided to install a camera in his backyard after neighbors saw a man trying to get into his house through the doggie door.

Our neighbors behind us at an open house saw the guy trying to get into our house. They called the police and said there is a guy that has his arm in your doggie door and is reaching around, the homeowner, who did not want to be identified, said at the time.

It wasn't long, before the burglar came back. He was caught on camera pacing in the backyard talking on a cell phone for about 10 minutes.

It is not just him, he has got an accomplice that cruises around the neighborhood looking for anyone coming, the homeowner said. And he is on his phone the whole time.

In thevideo, you see the man knock out the inside section of the doggie door to squeeze inside.

He spent 4 minutes and 8 seconds inside and was able to do it without setting off the alarm system.

He took a pillowcase and used that to put his loot in. So we came home and one of our pillows had no case on the bed, the homeowner said.

The man got away with some electronics and whatever else he could grab.

Police said therehave beena number of similar cases in the area, and at least two other neighborhoods nearby have had break-ins through the doggie door.

The type of camera the homeowner used can be bought online for less than $100.

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