HOUSTON Houston police thought that a war hero had volunteered to help officers handle troubled vets suffering from post-traumatic stress, but now sources say the FBI is investigating whether the man ever went to war.

KHOU 11 News first met Paul Schroeder in February of last year when we featured him in a story about post-traumatic stress disorder.

Schroeder is a full-time employee of the PTSD Foundation of America. It s a group that provides counseling for veterans who are having a hard time after returning home from war.

HPD sources tell us Schroeder was so knowledgeable and was such a great speaker, the department decided to let him offer some training to officers at the HPD Academy. The classes were designed to help officers deal with returning veterans who are having issues.

HPD confirms that Schroeder taught six classes at the academy since September. The department also said he was featured in a training video, but has since been edited out.

Sources say Schroeder s credibility came into question after a retired colonel started investigating his past.

Law enforcement sources gave KHOU 11 News military discharge papers believed to belong to Schroeder. The real one, and the alleged fake one.

Allegedly, Schroeder s own copy shows he was in an Army s Special Forces Unit. It shows he was awarded the Silver and Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart.

But sources tell KHOU 11 News that his real discharge form states he spent his entire military career stateside as a military policeman in San Antonio.

Schroeder apologized and resigned from the PTSD Foundation of America Wednesday.

The Stolen Valor Act makes lying about earning military awards a federal crime.

An FBI spokeswoman said such allegations are taken seriously, but would not confirm or deny if Schroeder was under investigation.

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