HUNTSVILLE, Texas Residents in Huntsville believe a tornado touched down in their town Wednesday morning, toppling trees, ripping holes in roofs and knocking out power to many.

Sammy Patel said his neighbor s oak tree fell on power lines, then smashed through the roof of his convenience store during the storms.

It s bad right now, you know? For one week, we re not open probably, Patel said.

For several hours, every traffic light on 11th Street was dark, and thousands of residents lost power.

Contractors rushed to put tarps over damaged roofs.

Outside a local Home Depot, aluminum siding could be seen wrapped around a tree.

Witnesses said they saw a funnel cloud drop around 8 a.m. near a Huntsville-area Firestone store.

All we saw was something forming. We ran in, and all we heard was a loud noise and that s what we got right here. The roof everything is all over the place, Jose Verde said.

It s definitely taken its toll on us today, David Wood, whose business was damaged during the storm, said.

The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado did, in fact, touch down at a tire shop about 90 miles north of Houston, but it was not immediately clear if that was the same funnel cloud Verde saw at Firestone.

But one thing was clear Huntsville residents have a big job ahead, cleaning up after the latest round of nasty weather.

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