HOUSTON The former Houston hand doctor who was recently acquitted of assault agreed Wednesday to pay his estranged wife several hundred thousand dollars as part of their messy divorce proceedings.

Attorneys for Michael Brown would not comment about the confidential agreement that was hashed out at the Family Law Center in downtown Houston.

We re not going to try this in the press, and no, I m not going to answer any further questions, said Ike Vanden Eykel, one of Michael Brown s lawyers.

A source close to the deal told KHOU 11 News that Brown will pay his estranged wife several hundred thousand dollars in costs associated with the case.

It was unclear exactly what that money was for, although attorneys for Rachel Brown had said earlier that it was money she believed her husband owed her.

Brown had been cited for violating a protective order. His wife s attorneys say her husband bought a home next to hers so he could spy on her. Brown was given a six-day suspended jail sentence.

Back in September, Michael Brown was acquitted of assaulting Rachel Brown, who is his fourth wife. It was a felony charge, since he had pleaded no contest to assaulting a previous wife in 2002.

The explosive relationship has drawn a lot of attention mostly because it contradicts the family man image the former hand doctor presented in commercials and also because of allegations Rachel Brown cheated on him with baseball star Jeff Bagwell.

Everything about this case is unusual, said Gerald Treece, KHOU 11 News legal analyst.

The divorce case is far from over, though. It likely won t go to trial until late next year. There are plenty of disagreements still unresolved, including who will supervise visits of the couple s two children.

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