HOUSTON -- The three Briargrove children injured in a car accident that killed their parents are back together again in Houston.

Peter, 9, and Aaron Berry, 8, spent 10 weeks undergoing intense rehabilitation at Shriners Hospital in Chicago.

The boys and their younger sister Willa are nowliving with an aunt and uncle in Houston.

The boys are home and they are doing amazing, wrote close family friend Lisa Strauss on the Joshua and Robin Berry Family Trust Facebook page. They are getting settled in at Aunt Simone and Uncle Matt s house, learning how to get around, playing with their cousins and friends. They will hopefully be back in school by the end of the week. Everyone at BY (Beth Yeshurun) can t wait to see them! They are 100% different than how they were 10 weeks ago. They are thriving and we are all so proud.

The boys will be back in schoolFriday.Willa started first grade last month.

Josh Berry, 41, and Robin Berry, 40, died on July 2 when a car veered into oncoming traffic in West Texas and hit their minivan.

Peter and Aaron were leftparalyzed from the waist down.

According to family friend Karen Edelman, the boys gained tremendous confidence in their time in Chicago and are looking forward to getting back to school with their friends.

The story of the Berry childrenhas gottenworldwide attention and hundreds of fundraisers have been held for them.

The money raised will help pay for the boys' ongoing medical care.

For more information on how to help and upcoming fundraisers for the children, click here.

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