WALLER COUNTY, Texas Residents forcedtoevacuateby the Riley Road wildfire returned to theirresidences in Remington Forest on Wednesday to find most of their homes reduced to ashes.

We could feel the heat and it was roaring, said Greg Curtis, a Remington Forest resident who was evacuated hours after the fire started. I pretty much figured that I didn't have a house. I could tell from how fast it was moving. There was fire in the yard already. I just pretty much figured that I had lost the house.

Nearly 90 percent of the homes in his neighborhood were destroyed by the fire yet, remarkably, some remained untouched.

The Tri-County wildfire burned nearly 19,000 acres in Grimes, Montgomery and Waller counties.

More than seventy homes have been destroyed in the three counties.

It took hundreds of firefighters more than a week to fully contain the fire.

Not getting any information was the hardest part, Curtis said. Once I see what I got to deal with then it's take the next step and go on.

Curtis said he was not sure if he would rebuild in Remington Forest or move away from the neighborhood.

The neighborhood s developer said damaged power lines, water pipes and other infrastructure could be repaired by the end of the month.

He said he hoped to have as many as 30 to 40 new homes ready for families to move into by the end of the year, with much of the neighborhood restored by next summer.

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