HOUSTON An elderly couple that went missing Sunday afternoon in east Houstonwere on their wayhome Tuesday after they were found at a weigh station in Pensacola Fla., Monday night.

Authorities said Salomon Gasca, 78, and his wife, Lorenza, 75, were found in good condition.

Police said the Gascas were leaving a family function and were supposed to drive to another family member s home about a mile away on Sunday when they got lost, took a wrong turn and drove about 524 miles east.

The couple said once they got on I-10, they drove as far as they could, stopped for gas, kept going east, spent the night in a gas station parking lot and started driving east again on Monday. Eventually, they pulled into a weigh station which they thought was a rest area just across the Florida state line.

An officer there noticed the couple looked confused, so he ran their plates and came across the silver alert that was issued about their disappearance.

Police took the couple to a hotel, where they waited for their daughter to fly in from Houston and escort them home Tuesday.

We re excited to get them home. Most of all, I m happy they fell into really comforting hands to watch over my parents until I could get here to comfort them myself, daughter Beatrice Flores said.

Family members said Lorenza Gasca had left her cell phone at home before they went to the family function on Sunday, so the couple didn t have a phone with them when they got lost. They also said Salomon Gasca is in the early stages of Alzheimer s disease.

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