HOUSTON -- The father of one of the children killed in a deadly day care fire in west Houston says a lifetime behind bars is too harsh of a punishment for the woman investigators say is responsible.

A Harris County grand jury on Wednesdayindicted former day care operator Jessica Tata on four counts of felony murder. Tata is accused of leaving seven children alone at a home day care facility while she went to Target. Investigators said the stove top was left on, and a pot with oil in it caught fire.

Four children died. Three others were hurt.

Emmanuel Kajoh, whose daughter, Elizabeth, died in the fire, told KHOU 11 News that while what Tata did was wrong, he doesn t believe she should be charged with a crime that carries a maximum punishment of life in prison. He does believe she should get some time behind bars, but doesn't know how much that should be.

Meanwhile, other parents whose children died in the fire expressed excitement and relief after learning of the felony murder indictments.

It s exciting news, said Kenya Stradford, whose daughter, Kendyll, died. It s a good start into getting our justice.

The mother of 20-month-old Elias Castillo called it a blessing.

Nothing they do with her is going to bring back my son. Nothing is going to help that. It s just she needs to pay for what she did. She was irresponsible and therefore my son is dead, said Keisha Brown.

But while Brown calls the murder indictments justice, she said the case is a work in progress.

I don t think I m going to be all the way at peace for everything until it s final, then I can say justice has been served, but not right now, she said.

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