HOUSTON-- If you ve been to enough baseball games, chances are you ve seen the one fan who thinks it s a good idea to run onto the field.

Predictably, these events usually go about the same: The fan runs around for several seconds until they're eventually tackled, handcuffed and taken off the field.

But in the ninth inning of Friday s Astros game against the Mets, one fan tried to put an end to that trend. Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez was one out away from closing a 6-4 Mets victory when the fan, identified as 27-year-oldKevin Crabtree, decided to jump onto the field.

Whatever words are written to describe what happened next would not do it justice, but let's just say it wasn't Crabtree's first timeclimbing.You just have to check it out.

Unfortunately for Crabtree, he was later arrested by police outside the stadium, according to arrest documents. He was charged with trespassing and evading arrest.

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