HOUSTON Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland announced some changes after meeting with community leaders in an effort to ease the tension between some residents and HPD.

The police department has been dealing with an image problem since the Chad Holley beating incident that resulted in the firing of several officers.
Since then, alleged police brutality victims have been coming out of the woodwork it seems and telling their stories to anyone who will listen.

The chief was told that many people are too scared to come down and file internal affair complaints and sign a sworn affidavit in fear of retaliation and being slapped with a perjury charge at a later date.

So to counter that, he is taking away any chance a person who filed a complaint could get charged with perjury even if it turns out the citizen was lying.

Also, in an effort to ease tensions, the chief says supervisors will be called to the scene anytime anyone is taken into custody for minor charges like resisting arrest or interfering with a police officer.

Community leaders say officers have unjustly arrested people for those minor offenses.

This is a tough time for HPD, with the tensions, and now budget problems looming. Chief McClelland says he will know in the next two weeks if he will have to layoff officers because of the budget crisis.

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