HOUSTON The arson trial of a man accused of setting fire to Gallery Furniture was delayed Tuesday until March 24 due to medical issues.

Robert Gillham, 68, is accused of setting fire to the Gallery Furniture warehouse in May of 2009. The blaze caused an estimated $25 million in damage.

Gillham, a former Gallery Furniture employee, has been behind bars since his arrest a year and a half ago.

As recently as Monday night, Gillham said he was representing himself in the trial, because he said his former attorneys were more interested in themselves than his case.

But Tuesday morning, the judge said Gillham would not be representing himself.

The judge didn t give details about the medical issues.

In a jailhouse interview Monday night, Gillham told 11 News he wasn t afraid because he s innocent.

I have been on juries in New York City. No, this does not scare me, Gillham said. Do I look nervous?

Since his arrest, Gillham said he s written two books, been beaten twice in jail and met with several psychiatrists.

I have had psychiatrists. Everyone said I m the most sane person they have ever known in their life, he said.

Gillham is facing a charge of first-degree arson. The conviction carries a maximum punishment of life in prison. He believes he will get off.

If things go right, I should, but they have some sort of tape recording that was done when I was under drugs, he said.

Prosecutors say Gillham set the fire to get revenge on his former boss, Jim Mattress Mack McIngvale.

During the jailhouse interview, Gillham diverted from the questions asked. He talked about the layout of the furniture store, specifically, he wanted to detail where the showroom is located compared to the warehouse.

He said he believes the accelerant used to start the fire was either kerosene or gasoline, but said he had nothing to do with it.

It wasn t like a pile of sticks and making a bonfire, it was someone who wanted to burn the warehouse, said Gillham. Whoever did this is a mean SOB. I would never do that.

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