RICHARDSON If you move, no one will have a Merry Christmas.

Those are the cold words of a gunman who robbed a Richardson business Tuesday night.

Tera Mitchell was working at the Zone D' Erotica store at 318 South Central Expressway when three men walked in, jumped the counter and forced her at gunpoint to empty the register.

I was kind of pleading for my life: 'You all just don't hurt me, don't hurt me, you take what you want, just don't hurt me!' Mitchell recalled.

Theclerkwas suspicious of the group when they walked in because they were wearing heavy jackets and gloves on a warm night.

The mentold Mitchell and two customers to hand over their belongings, then marched theminto a back room and forced them to lie on the floor.

For nearly 20 minutes, the men searched counters and shelves for money to take.

Mitchell, a mother of two, could only think of her children as the gunman threatened their lives.

When they tell you to go back and lay on the floor, all I'm thinking about is getting shot in the back of the head, she said.

Richardson police believe the men haverobbed two other businesses in the last few weeks. A Gran Dolar y Mas store on Valley View Lane wasstruck on December 10.

Surveillance video appears to show the same men robbing a Metro PCS store last week.


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