DEER PARK, Texas A Deer Park man was charged with capital murder Saturday in the shooting deaths of his father and stepmother.

Police said Steven Fontes, 55, shot and killed 88-year-old Al and 78-year-old Shirley Fontes around 9:30 p.m. Friday at their Deer Park home near East X and Meadowlark.

Authorities said Steven Fontes had moved into his parents home from out of state about a year ago.

Neighbor Yvonne Sanchez said Steven had recently gone through a divorce and was having a hard time finding work.

All Ms. Shirley had told me was he came in about a year, year and a half ago and hadn t seen the dad since he was a teenager, said Sanchez.

But according to neighbors, Steven started drinking and was asked to move out.

On Friday night, Fontes reportedly left the house and returned drunk a short time later. He then grabbed a gun and shot his parents, according to police.

Fontes called 911 and walked outside the home until police arrived.

Sanchez watched it all go down from her front yard.

All I heard was stay down stay down. We turned towards the house and saw the police officers, says Sanchez. I saw them pick him up. He was handcuffed and they put him in the car.

According to neighbors, the victims lived at the house for about 40 years and both served their country.

Neighbors said Al Fontes was a POW during WWII.

A neighbor also said she saw signs of abuse in the past but no one ever called police. The couple had hoped that by moving Steven out, the problem would go away.

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