HOUSTON -- Two Houston brothers are leading a group that hoping to force the city to stop using red-light cameras.

The red light cameras raked in an estimated $12.4 million for the city of Houston in the span of just one year.

Michael Kubosh and Paul Kubosh are mailing out more than 20,000 petitions in hopes of reaching some 50,000.

We're asking the citizens who receive these within the next week to sign them, send them in, let s get this on the ballot in the city of Houston to give you a chance to vote, Michael Kubosh said.

He contends that red-light cameras do not make the streets any safer. In fact, he says they do quite the opposite as they result in even more accidents.

Accidents in the city of Houston have actually decreased over the last few years, except where they've put those dangerous cameras, Michael Kubosh said. .

An early study by Rice University, reinforced that theory. However, using more extensive data from TxDOT, those same researchers found a significant drop in accidents at intersections with red-light cameras -- on average an 11 percent drop.

But that s unlikely to deter the Kubosh brothers.

Give the power to the people to make this decision, Paul Kubosh said. And that will require at least 20,000 signatures.

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