SANTA FE Although a Galveston County grand jury declined to indict a bait camp owner in a fatal shooting, DNA testing was ordered on a gun found inside the dead man s pickup, authorities said.

Robert Stanley Ott, 52, was no-billed in March in the Oct. 22 killing of Michael Wayne Hansen. Hansen, 52, was found dead in his pickup in Ott s driveway. Santa Fe police said Hansen had a gun in his hand between his legs.

Ott, who owns Hall s Bayou Bait Camp, barred Hansen from the business, claiming Hansen threatened to kill him.

Hansen displayed a gun in a threatening manner toward Ott, police said. Ott told The Daily News in March he regretted the shooting happened but had to defend his life.

A swabbing from the gun was submitted to a Houston crime lab. Results could take six months return. Police Capt. Wayne Kessler declined to reveal why the test was ordered or whether Ott submitted a DNA sample.

Ott declined to comment.

Shana Sweeney, Hansen s wife, said she saw the gun taken from her husband s truck for the first time in police photographs. The .357-caliber handgun was in Hansen s lap, not his hand, she said.

Although Hansen and Sweeney had a .357-caliber handgun, she said the one seized by police was a different color.

The gun I had was silver, and the one found in his lap was black or blue, she said.

Police are declining to discuss details of the case, pending the outcome of the investigation, Kessler said.

Sweeney also was concerned a witness statement to the grand jury wasn t delivered in its entirety, she said.

Although grand-jury proceedings are private, John Hall, a prosecutor who presented evidence in the case, said members heard all the evidence to allow them to draw their own conclusions.

The grand jury met five times before deciding not to indict Ott, Criminal District Attorney Kurt Sistrunk told The Daily News in March.

Sistrunk said Santa Fe police conducted a thorough investigation of the shooting.

He also said the case could be considered for a subsequent grand jury presentation if new evidence was discovered.

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