HOUSTON -- Surveillance video from Metro s on-board cameras provides an up-close glimpse inside Monday s collision between a light rail train and bus in downtown Houston.

The Metro bus driver was headed west on St. Joseph Parkway when he ran a red light around 3:30 p.m. and collided with a train headed north on Main Street, Metro officials said.

The impact derailed two of the train s cars, shattered its windshield and left a large hole in the driver s side of the bus. The bus driver, 50-year-old Reginald Rideout, and eight passengers were transported to the hospital.

The Metro light rail train s on board cameras captured the collision from multiple angles, including the reaction from passengers inside, and spectators on the street.

Rideout was found at fault in the wreck and has been suspended without pay as Metro's investigation continues, officials said

Metro officials said Rideout has been involved in three previous accidents during his 10-year employment. Two of the wrecks were minor, but deemed preventable, Metro said.

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