HOUSTON A Houston teen accused of hiring a fellow classmate to kill his mother says he confessed to a crime he didn t commit.

Investigators say Danish Moazaam Minhas, 17, hired Nur Mohammed, 18, to kill his mother.

Tabassum Khan, 43,was stabbed 48 times. She was found dead on Nov. 25 in her apartment in the 6000 block of Beverly Hill.

Investigators say both teens haveconfessed.

Mohamed told investigators Minhas paid him $4,000to kill Khan because she was too strict, according toHPD homicide detectives.

Danish felt he was a man and he did not like the restrictions his mother had placed on him, said homicide Sgt. Brian Harris.

Harris called the victim a strict Muslim mother who followed her different from any other parent regardless of what faith or background they are, who set out rules for their children to follow.

In an exclusive 11 News jailhouse interview Thursday afternoon, Minhas gave a confession of a different sort.

That was the confession I gave to the homicide detectives, but it does not mean that that is correct, Minhas said. The confession that I gave to them was at that time my necessity. My attorney advised me not to speak about it.

Minhas said he used to mentor Mohamed. He said they were not friends, just fellow classmates. Minhas blamed his mother s murder on Mohamed and said he had nothing to do with the killing.

I actually have a lot of words for him, but they re not coming to me right now, he said.

Theteen said he loved his mother. He said he was the first person to discover her body and is now going through the grieving process.

She was the perfect mom, he said. She raised me and my sister as being a single parent. She has been both a mother and a father to us. She went beyond her duties of being a mother to take care of me.

Minhas said he hasn t slept since he was arrested on Tuesday.

I really don t know what s going to happen to me. Every day is a new experience here in the county jail, he said. To my family, I know it s hard, but I m working on getting all your questions answered and soon the image you guys have of me will be restored.

Minhas said he would like television news cameras at his trial. That s when what he calls the unsolved questions will be answered.

Minhas described himself as a good student who is involved in many extracurricular activities. When he graduates he said he d like to become a police officer.

Nur Mohamed turned down our request for an interview.
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