HOUSTON -- There have been at least eight customers robbed at taco trucks last weekend in and around southwest Houston, according to investigators.

Most of them happened in broad daylight. In one case, a mother of four was buying food for her kids when she was held at gunpoint. The woman had just been paid.

She works two jobs; she has two jobs because she has four kids, and no husband. She buys some tacos, some food, they gave you change for $100, said Ruth Sanchez, the victim's friend.

The second the mother turned around, the robbers rushed her.

They just pulled up in a car, and they just came out with bandanas on their faces. Some guys came with guns, at pointblank tried to get everyone s wallets, cash and cell phones, said Yessica Patino, awitness.

The robbers hit taco trucks on Creekbend, Beechnut, Gulfton and Jessamine streets. In one case, the robber was carrying a rifle.

They had a big rifle, it scares people, kids could've been out here, said Sanchez.

Customers say they are disgusted by the crooks, because they're stealing from people who are already struggling.

Some of them are saving their money to send to Mexico or their country, said Brenda Ayala, a witness.

One victim saw the thief take off in a maroon colored Taurus. Police believe there could be more victims out there, but they're afraid to come forward.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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