HOUSTON -- When Connor Cain opens his guitar case and starts to play, he lets go.

Let s you get rid of all of these things you re bottling up, said Cain.

He has a lot to release right now, because the singer/songwriter's livelihood is in jeopardy, with $3,000 worth of music equipment, from microphones to keyboard pedals and cables, stolen from his car.

It happened in a shopping center parking lot off the Southwest Freeway. Cain came out of a quick lunch last Thursday, to find shattered glass by his car and his equipment gone.

He dialed 911, but with no one hurt and the burglars gone, he wound up having to drive to a station to give his report.

Three nights later he came back the strip mall for dinner and saw something suspicious next to another car. He checked it out.

I was hiding just behind this bush and saw the guy break into the car, called 911, said Cain.

This time he got the car's license plate then scared the burglars off before they took anything. To Connor it seemed clear it was the same guys. But without proof it's not so straightforward for police.

They were pretty apprehensive in even writing down the license plate and relating it to my case at all, said Cain.

So he finds himself in an all-too common position: one of a pile of lower-priority cases Houston police try to wade through, while often admitting the chances are slim to find the stolen property.

Cain said an officer told him, It was about a one-percent chance.

So Cain's searching on his own, on Craigslist, calling pawn shops, waiting for his serial numbers to match up. While he plays on with what he has left, and plays the odds he could be that lucky one percent.

Houston Police say the more details you can give, the more likely it is they'll follow up on these cases. They say having your serial numbers is the biggest help. Since Cain has those, and a potential suspect license plate they can at least use as a starting point, they told KHOU 11 News they are pursuing his case.

Click here to watch Connor Cain perform one of his songs.

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