HOUSTON Gunfire wounded three people and grazed a fourth during a Sunday night car show in northeast Houston.

It happened in the 100 block of Little York near Airline.

It is a weekly car show called SLAB Sunday. But one recent near collision caught on tape sparked chaos and confusion.

It is scary because you re not secure in the middle of the night or (if you have) an emergency (and) go outside, Sylvia Ortiz, who is familiar with the car show said. It s not secure.

When we showed shoppers at the strip mall video of the shooting found on YouTube, it opened eyes.

I m just surprised, speechless really, said one witness.

Those familiar with the show said it usually leaves marks on pavement. However, Sunday s show flooded social media with video shot by a witness.

It shows two drivers standing toe-to-toe. They almost crashed, got out, argued then threw punches. Three other men joined in. Seconds later, someone opened fire. The gunman or gunmen fired rounds into the air and into the crowd, police said.

Investigators say bullets wounded 16, 19, and 20-year-old men. One of them was also pistol whipped. Friends carried all three to hospitals, police said. A fourth guy, grazed by bullets, flagged down Harris County Sheriff deputies first. That 23-year-old said he was involved in the fight. He also claimed four men ganged up on him then started shooting.

It s disgusting man, said Derrick Roberson, who is also familiar with the show. That s why they chasing them away because things like that. Car shows and things like that. That stuff happens. Police are chasing them away.

Roberson isn t surprised by the shooting. His son was a SLAB Sunday regular until threats of violence scared him off.

They used to do it a little further down on Little York probably a year or so ago, Roberson said. I guess it started getting bad so they moved to another spot.

So far, Houston police have no suspects in custody. However, they do have video posted on social media. Detectives are also talking with business owners wondering what their cameras caught.

(Police) should do something with those (gunmen), Ortiz said.

Meanwhile, show fans and those who shop at the strip center where the shooting happened hope police find the gunmen before it happens again.

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