AUSTIN, Texas -- An overnight burglary, discovered at the Austin Zoo just hours before it opened on July Fourth, left the non-profit short $30,000 in cash and equipment. But now, the zoo says a flood of donations is helping them recover some of those losses.

Friday morning staff arrived to find the gift shop and front office ransacked.

I couldn't believe it, said Executive Director Patti Clark. I think I was just absolutely overwhelmed that somebody would come and do this to a non-profit that takes care of animals. I mean it's taking from our animals.

They also took off with security cameras, radios, charging stations, a computer and dart guns.

We've been trying to clean up the mess. We've had to replace doors already. We still have gates to replace. We're starting to make our list of exactly what we're missing, she explained.

Clark said donations started pouring in almost immediately.

It's so gratifying! We had no idea we had so many friends! she laughed.

Dyezz Surveillance and Security is donating new cameras. A locksmith from Buda already put in new locks at no cost. And many have given money and even setup an account online.

It's just so heartwarming to know people really do care about what we do out here and they care about our rescue animals and they want to help us out of this hole that somebody put us in, Clark said. When I walked in and I was by myself in the gift shop and I saw the destruction that someone had created for us to deal with I felt really alone and now all of us are starting to have smiles on our faces again. People are coming up to us and offering to make donations, offering assistance and we all feel like we're all part of a generous and loving community.

If you would like to help, a Go Fund Me account has been set up and you can find all of the information on the zoo's website.

The sheriff's office is investigating and there are no suspects at this time.

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