HOUSTON Haverhill Drive in the Timbergrove subdivision seems like the suburbs inside the 610 Loop. But a recent rash of break-ins has shattered the sense of serenity in the neighborhood.

It s very scary, said resident Karen Harrington. That s sad. It really is. I feel badly for the people who have already been broken into.

Kara Boling had her house broken into when she was away at work. She said thieves used a tool to punch a hole through her bedroom window. Once inside, the thieves ransacked her bedroom, stealing jewelry, electronics and even a set of sheets.

It s to carry the stuff out, said Boling, who admitted she forgot to set her alarm that day.

It seems as though the thieves have been busy, hitting a total of three houses in one day and attempting to break in to another one.

Witnesses told police they saw a suspicious parked car with a man sitting inside. A second suspect presumably made entry into the homes to do the dirty work.

People feel so violated, said Ben Crabb, who writes a monthly newsletter about crime in the neighborhood. He worried the break-ins could be a sign of more trouble.

That is what typically would happen. If you start getting a lot of crime, it could be a group that s just moved into a neighborhood and starts working the area.

And that s something no one in the neighborhood wants to see. Neighbors promised to remain vigilant.

Boling said there was one thing the thieves took that can never be replaced.

Any essence of privacy that you had is gone.

So far, police have not made any arrests.

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