HOUSTON If you ve noticed something funky about the water coming from the tap, you re not alone.

Residents across Houston are reporting that their water smells funny and taste strange, too. Some people are also describing the water as discolored.

The reports began last week, and many people are worried that it may not be safe to drink.

The city says there is no need to worry. Houston Public Works and Engineering released a brief statement to KHOU 11 News.

It said, in part:

PWE water quality professionals have concluded that the change is attributable to increased levels of a naturally-occurring compound in our upstream surface water supplies which is known to cause earthy or musty tastes and odors. Houston s water continues to be safe to consume and meets or exceeds all federal and state regulations.

There are a number of residents who say they re steering clear of the tap until they know more.

I definitely don t like it. I m going to bottle water instead of what used to be quite dependable tap water, said Ron Crider of west Houston. If it s permanent, I m going to have to buy a filtration system because it s enough to put you off.

The city has been inundated with calls to 311 about the tap water.

Walt Agnew said it didn t take long for a city worker to respond to his home.

He did say this is city wide problem, that it was due to some sort of equipment malfunction, Agnew said. This is the fourth largest city in the country. If we ve got a city wide problem, I would think they d get the word out to you guys right at the very beginning.

Public Works and Engineering said it is currently evaluating treatment options, as well as monitoring the upstream water supply.

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