HARRIS COUNTY, Texas A little boy out horseback riding was severely injured and his pony was killed when they were hit by an SUV Friday night in northwest Harris County.

The boy and a group of four or five others were riding in a grassy area along Spears Road, near Walters Road, when the boy s pony crossed into the street. KHOU 11 News learned there is a horse stable just across the street from where the accident happened.

You can t miss a horse, said neighbor Chadrick Wright. He didn t. He saw a young boy out riding along Spears Road Friday with another man. He said he went to the store, and by the time he came back, the road was an accident scene.

Part of me was like OK what happened because it was just too close to this horse stables, said Wright.

Investigators said the 7-year-old boy was trying to cross Spears Road, heading in the direction of the nearby stable. A woman driving an SUV slammed into the boy s pony, throwing him off of it.

The female after the crash, did not realize that she had hit, that there was a rider on that horse, said Sgt. S. Wolverton, of the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

It happened around 10 p.m. and the driver said she just couldn t see clearly.

I think if it s at night, they should maybe have on a reflective jacket or something like that so somebody can see, said neighbor Barry Richards.

Deputies said the woman drove home, about a mile away, and then called police. They say she was not intoxicated and likely won t face any charges.

But that s not good enough for many neighbors.

I have an issue with that. You know you hit something, said Wright. The fact that she didn t stop just to see what she hit, it could have been somebody walking. To me that s a concern.

Harris County Sheriff s Deputies told KHOU 11 News Friday night that the boy s injuries were serious enough that he may not survive. We checked with several agencies on Saturday, so far no update on his condition.

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