HOUSTON A car wash was held Tuesday to raise funds for the funeral expenses of teens who were killed in a hit-and-run wreck over the weekend.

No amount of water can wash away the Suarez family s pain. Early Sunday morning, Joe Suarez lost a daughter and a son after a hit-and-run accident.

Alyssa Munoz was just 19, a mother herself. Brett Suarez was just 15. Police say Raquel Hernandez ran a red light and slammed into the teen s car. Athird teen was also killed.

She hit somebody because she was drinking, saidJoe Suarez, the teen s father. She turned her back and ranoff knowing shehit someone.

Police say Hernandez fled the scene. Court records show Hernandez was found hiding in a closet at her aunt s house. She told police she was scared and had been drinking.

I don t buy any of her excuses, said Suarez.

Hernandez is now charged with failure to stop and render aid. That s the part Suarez can t forgive, knowing she left his kids on the side of the road to die.

That s not human, she wasn t being human about it, said Suarez. They re not animals. She knows she hit somebody, yet she s thinking of herself. She s very selfish.

Now he faces the painful task of raising funds to bury his own children. His surviving two kids helped him wash cars Tuesday afternoon. For a moment, it was a welcome distraction.

She wants to do this for them, said Suarez. This was my daughter s idea. She wants to do this for her brother and sister.

It keeps their mind off the tragedy that has forever changed this family s life.

She still gets to see her kids, said Suarez. I won t be able to see my kids anymore.

All Suarez wants now is justice for his kids, all because a woman refused to stop.

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