MAGNOLIA, Texas -- There is an invasion going on in north Harris County -- scorpions! But Adam Collette of Adam s Pest Control is always on the hunt.

They all feed on decaying organic material, said Collette.

He is looking for the things none of us want to find.

Scorpions, centipedes, millipedes and earwigs, said Collette.

Right now he s finding plenty.

They like to live under rocks, boulders, and things like that, said Collette.

We ve been seeing it too on our Facebook page. Shot after shot of folks finding creepy crawlies, especially after last week.

The water makes them move and if their nest gets flooded they are gonna go somewhere else and they are gonna seek dry ground. Well, it is driest inside your house, Collette said while lifting up a boulder inspecting underneath.

The recent rains are not the only reason Collette said there are so many scorpions in and around Magnolia.

You know we had the fires here a few years ago, said Collette. A lot of those trees are laying on the ground and decaying. It provides a lot of harborage.

Places like a woodpile are perfect for insects and scorpions to hide in and around houses. Just because you have a woodpile does not mean that you can t make it a little safer.

Keeping anything away from the house, even elevated, is key because you home is yours. It should not be theirs.

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