SPLENDPORA, Texas A Navy veteran and Harris County EMS worker is recovering after being attacked and beaten in his own home on Memorial Day.

Gary Fuchs is not a boxer, but he looks like one.

Just trying to survive; trying to get through it, he said. I almost think that they did not think I was going to fight back.

He looks like he got hit by a truck a badly swollen, black eye and more than a dozen stitches.

It was Monday evening when the two burglars burst into his Splendora home.

I just heard the door open and before I could even turn and look they hit me in the head, he said.

They took a big screen and a hunting rifle, before they seemed to be spooked and bailed, leaving Fuchs, who had just come off a 72-hour shift, baffled.

I do everything I can to take care of everybody else. Somebody come and ask me for something, I will give it to them. For somebody to come in here and just take whatever they want is just kind of absurd, he said.

Now, the veteran and EMT has his own wounds to care for.

Basically, it is cracked right along the base of the sinus, he said pointing to his right eye socket.

What he did not get is a good look at them.

They both had bandanas on, long sleeves, gloves, so I couldn t really tell, he said.

When the burglars left the house, Fuchs was able to follow them and stumble across the street to the neighbor s house where they called 911. He was able to get a look at the full-sized silver Dodge truck as it went down the street.

I hope they are going to get what they get. You know. I just can t understand why someone would just walk into someone s house and start beating them up like that, Fuchs said.

Memorial Day is supposed to be a day of remembrance, but this one, this veteran will never forget.

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