HOUSTON -- A Houston Public Works employee and his wife were beaten and held at gunpoint Tuesday during a home invasion.

It happened around 8:30 a.m. in the 20,000 block ofBeigewood Lane in Northeast Harris County.

They caught me at a vulnerable moment;I wasn t able to protect my family. That s the sad part, that s the part that has me hurt, said Kevin. The victim did not want to use his last name.

Kevin was on the phone with one of his sons when one of the intruders walked up.

I saw a little guy walking down on the sidewalk. It was raining, he had a hood on, said Kevin.

He said the men were armed with handguns and rifles.

Kevin s wife was sleeping and she thought she was having a nightmare.

She was in the bed, they made her get up, flipped the mattress over, said Kevin.

(I) woke up to guns, masks, everything, it was crazy. AllI can think about is my kids, his wife said.

Luckily, their young children were in school.

Kevin tried to talk to the robbers.

I said, Sir, we work. We workingpeople, he said. I had a gun to my head and the other two had assault rifles.

The thieves left aflat screen TV behind, because it didn t fit, but loaded a green FordTaurus getaway car, before demanding that the couple sit in another room in their house.

They sat us over here on the sofa. One was here with a gun, the other one here with a gun, Kevin said. I feel likeI let my family down, by someone coming in our house and doing this to us.

The men left some strong evidence behind that may helpinvestigators catch them.

Kevin was hit in the face a few times witha gun, but he is OK.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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