FRISCO,Texas It's now been five months, and it's still hard for the Brown family.

Eric and Tosha Brown occasionally watch home videos of their 15-year-old son, Montana.

Him not being here has changed our family life, said his brother Jack. It's not really the same.

Montana Brown was the popular kid who kidded too often. He died on December 14 after overdosing on a new designer drug.

This is the kid everyone thought was invincible, Eric said. Man, if it can happen to a kid like that... it can happen to anyone.

On Tuesday night, News 8 learned through the family that three people have been arrested for giving Montana that drug. They've been identified as Kai Tan, Stephanie King and Stephen Wagner.

The family was told by investigators that all three face federal drug charges.

The Browns know one of them as Montana's friend.

He was funny, considerate, and polite. He just got caught up in this teen drug culture, Eric said.

These developments take them back to December when they got the call that their kids were hospitalized after taking a synthetic form of LSD.

Nobody wants to get that phone call. Nobody wants to be on either side of it. I wouldn't want to be his mom either, said Tosha Brown.

Along with the Browns' grief, there is also some anger... anger at one of the men arrested who they say is the ringleader: Kai Tan.

I don't have a lot of empathy for him, Eric Brown said. I feel bad for his family. From what I understand, he's been very unrepentant.

These parents hope families learn from their son's story. For the Browns, it has been a very long five months, and a lesson learned the hardest way possible.


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